7 Tesla features your regular car doesn’t have

 Tesla features

Tesla’s standing regularly goes before it. Yet, regardless of your opinion about the electric vehicle organization’s “one of a kind” CEO with his dynamic Twitter presence and strange techniques for selling EVs (no publicizing, no businesses, all on the web) Tesla’s vehicles dislike some other.

Of course, there are other electric vehicles out there that include regenerative slowing down, one-pedal driving, moment speed increase, and quick charging. However, that actually doesn’t make them anything like Tesla.

What’s more, no vehicle brand, from the EVs to the gas filled choices, accompanies however many secret modes and settings as Tesla.

1. Only one touchscreen

Tesla’s newest cars are the Model 3 and Y; both feature the same sparse interior with a single center screen that controls everything you need to do, from running the car and playing the radio to finding driving directions. No other car has such a pared-down layout. Even the button to open the glove compartment is on the one and only screen.


2. Free over-the-air updates
Other car companies are catching up, but Tesla was the first to treat its cars like cellphones. Just like you update your iPhone with the latest iOS via a free over-the-air software update, Tesla’s software connects to WiFi and can update a long list of car functions. When there was a braking problem a few years ago, an OTA update even fixed that.


3. Sentry mode
Other cars have security systems, but not like Sentry mode. If someone gets too close to your Tesla for too long, the cameras start recording, a message appears on the screen that the car is recording, and classical music starts playing from the audio system. You can turn on Sentry mode to keep away any would-be intruders or vandals.


4. Netflix, Hulu, YouTube streaming
You can watch all your favorite shows in your Tesla. But don’t get too excited; the car has to be parked for streaming to work. You can log onto the various streaming platforms when waiting in the car, most likely while charging up.


5. Fart mode
You can make your Tesla fart, or at least sound like it’s farting. Officially called Emissions testing mode, the setting is perfect for pranksters. You can turn on the fart sounds on-demand, or when you push the turn signal. You have to be in the car to release the farts.


6. Easter eggs
Beyond all the various modes and games, more surprises are sprinkled throughout the car. There’s a Christmas jingle hidden within the settings, along with an inside joke about cowbells. Wikipedia has a list of all the Tesla Easter eggs discovered so far. Happy egg hunting!


7. Bioweapon defense mode
This mode came in handy during the devastating Western U.S. wildfires throughout 2020. It’s only available with Model S and X cars that have a HEPA filtration system that automatically turns the car into a safe breathing space.